Heroes & Treasure™ is a Role-Playing Game designed for you and your kids as young as 4 to play together.

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Heroes & Treasure RPG Board Game

Heroes & Treasure

Our original fantasy role-playing game for the whole family, even kids as young as 4!  One person acts as the Quest Master, who controls the action,  and the others take on the roles of characters in the world. No reading or math skills required for the players.

Your purchase includes the 10-mission campaign The Adventure of the Mystic Rubies™,  which introduces different RPG concepts (combat, spells, potions, healing, keys, traps, etc.) one at a time, so there's always something new to learn, but never too much at once. Perfect for both kids and adults who haven't been exposed to fantasy role-playing before.


Darkness & Light Expansion

After your and your party of adventures have recovered the mystic rubies, continue the story with a journey to the lands of the Elves. The Dark and Light Elves are on the brink of war, but all is not as it seems...

Darkness & Light has the same player requirements as the original Heroes & Treasure game, and it picks up right where the original leaves off.

The Darkness & Light Expansion requires you to own the original Heroes & Treasure game. Buy both together as a bundle and save!

Still stuck at home?

Use coupon code HEALTHY in the store for many hours of fun with your kids!

$20 off your purchase, and shipping cost is included in the US.

Kickstarter Success!

Check out our first expansion pack!

We are very happy to announce our first expansion pack, Darkness & Light.

Follow our band of adventurers into the lands of the Elves. Can you rescue captured prisoners and discover who's really behind the plot, before the Dark Elves and Light Elves go to war?

Buy it now in the Store!

Featuring the art of Xin Ye

We're very happy that Xin Ye, the artist for the popular Erfworld web comic, agreed to illustrate our game. Her clean, bright style is perfect for a game that could become a hit family title.

Heroes & Treasure

About the Game

Heroes & Treasure™ is a family-friendly RPG board game for kids as young as 4 and their parents. If you've ever wished you could interest your kids in fantasy role-playing, this is the game for you.

One person, a parent, acts as the Quest Master, who controls the action, and the others take on the roles of characters in the world.

You choose the characters you play and move your pieces through the tiles that form the game map. On the way you’ll encounter monsters, locked doors, special items, magic weapons, and much more. You’ll wince  as your party’s fighter takes a powerful hit from an animated skeleton, and you’ll cheer as your wizard freezes a goblin in its tracks.

As you meet your goals on map after map of the campaign, your characters will gain new abilities, magic items, and more. But as you grow stronger, the challenges you face become ever more dangerous. 

Can your group survive long enough to save the kingdom?


Heroes & Treasure: Arena photos

ArenaPlay1 (jpg)


ArenaPlay2 (jpg)



There was a printing error on the last page of the Mystic Rubies campaign, which does NOT affect the gameplay at all. There is a picture of what all of the dice look like, and some of the dice images in that picture are wrong. The dice themselves are correct; you just need to ignore the reference image. If you'd like to see the proper page, the entire Mystic Rubies campaign booklet is available for download below.

We are very sorry for any confusion this may have caused.


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Heroes & Treasure: Arena Preview

Heroes & Treasure: Arena cards and crystals

Cards and Crystals

Gather mana crystals to power up cards from your hand and defeat your opponent!

The Arena card game is on hold for now, but here's a small peek!

Spell Cards


Use your crystals to cast powerful spells

Monster Cards


Use crystals to summon monsters to fight on your team



Build up your crystal mines one card at a time

Adventurer Cards


With enough crystals at your disposal, even Adventurers will come to your aid, each with their own unique ability